“In case you are wondering, we went to Hajj with Chicago based group Sacred Hajj (www.sacredhajj.com). Alhamdulillah, we unanimously agree that choosing this group was one of the best decisions that Allah swt has guided each of us to. This blog is in no way affiliated with Sacred Hajj, but we highly recommend them and strongly suggest you select them as your hajj group!”

Sacred Hajj Sisters 2011, Hajjiya Diaries, http://hajjiyadiaries.wordpress.com/about/

“We are very pleased with the tour operators, the scholars and everybody in the group was good.  Nobody complained and were always ready to help each other.

I think everybody who organized this journey was very awesome.  They were very caring and helpful.  The group organizers were very attentive to completing all Manaseke Hajj fulfilling all the Faraid and the Sunan according to The Holy Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH.  Mufti Kamani provided very inspiring lectures all throughout the journey.  This was very helpful because it kept us engaged and reminded us about the purpose of our journey.

Each time we were walking all the organizers held up the Sacred Hajj flags and regrouped after short periods of time to make sure that nobody was lost or left behind.  I was very touched by their caring and empathy. Alhamdo Lillah this was a very spiritually elating journey.

If I ever had to go again I would probably choose Sacred Hajj again and I will continue to refer my family and friends to go with Sacred Hajj Insha’Allah.”

Mr. Yaqoob and Mrs. Habiba Basathia, Naperville, Illinois

“The group leaders were very organized and they did everything to make the Hajj easy for each pilgrim. The scholars were very knowledgeable and they had many years of experience with Hajj which made me feel comfortable and easy for me to choose Sacred Hajj.”

Mr. Irshad Pathan and Mrs. Asiya Hussain, Morton Grove, Illinois

“Hajj is an experience that strengths one’s spirituality and tests it as well.  It is easy to lose one’s patience and humility.  However, with Sacred Hajj, these trials were easily borne due to the encouragement, cooperation, and organization of the group leaders.  We all had one intention in mind, to please Allah, and this made the experience amazing.  It was not without difficulties, but the group leaders kept our intentions and goals in mind to help make the journey successful.  May Allah (swt) accept our Hajj.”

Ms. Khadija and Mrs. Tanveer Basith, Waukegan, Illinois

“Everyone describes the horrors of their Hajj group.  One horror everyone describes is being lost.  The leaders of Sacred Hajj designed the group so that the members stay together.  Another problem of other Hajj groups is that they promise things and don’t deliver.  The leaders of Sacred Hajj told us what to expect and we’re not misled.  I had a great experience with Sacred Hajj.”

Mr. Mohammed Basith, Chicago, Illinois

“AlhamduliLah we had an excellent experience. JazakumAllahu khairun to the scholars and everyone that helped make this possible.”

Dr. Saad Ahmad and Mrs. Sadaf Khan, Detroit, Michigan