Please complete the following:

  1. Sacred Hajj Registration Form (on-line version – this will be emailed to you).
  2. Sacred Hajj Terms and Conditions.

Once you are registered and confirmed, the following documents are needed by May 18, 2022:

  1. Hajj/Umrah Visa Application
  2. All of the documents listed in Requirements below.

Requirements for Hajj 2022:

  • Original passport valid till at least February 1, 2023 – with at least 4 empty pages and 2 side-by-side pages empty for visas. If you need your passport longer than May 18th, then please call or email us and figure out an alternative.
  • For Non-American citizens, original Green Card along with color copies of front and back.
  • 2 Recent Passport-size photos – White background with name, country and passport number written in CAPITAL LETTERS on the back of each photo. Sisters please make sure to take the picture with your hijab on.
  • Visa Application for each person going on Hajj. Please make sure it is typed and not handwritten. (Same as #1 above)
  • Original vaccination certificate for Meningitis vaccination for each person going on Hajj. Meningitis vaccine should have been taken after July 2019.
  • Letter from a Masjid certifying that you are a Muslim if your legal name isn’t a Muslim name. This letter should be notarized.
  • Copy of the marriage certificate if both husband and wife are traveling. If no marriage certificate exists, please provide a letter from the Masjid recognizing your marriage. This letter should be notarized.
  • Copy of the birth certificate if traveling with mother.
    • In the absence of the marriage certificate or birth certificate, please get a letter from your local Masjid. This letter should be notarized.
  • Letter of relationship if traveling with a relative. The relative must be a mahram. Please get a letter from your local Masjid recognizing the relationship. This letter should be notarized.
  • Copy of Covid Vaccine card (you will need original when traveling to Hajj). 1st Booster required if 2nd Vaccine dose was taken before 11/1/2021. 2nd Booster required if 1st Booster taken before 11/1/2021.